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About Emacs:

GNU Emacs - official site
The Development of GNU Emacs
Intro to GNU Emacs
EMACS: The Extensible, Customizable Display Editor

Using Emacs:

The Craft of Text Editing (or, Emacs for the Modern World)
Emacs Rocks (blog)
Emacs Redux (blog)
Emacs Wiki

Get Emacs:

Download Sourcecode
Emacs for Mac

Emacs Manual:

The Church of Emacs:

St IGNUcius
Rules, Sins, Virtues of the Church of Emacs
Emacs: The Sacred Editor
EmacsWiki: Church of Emacs
"The Church of Emacs" (explanation of history and importance of Emacs)


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Emacs Desktop Wallpaper
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How to Learn Emacs: A Hand-drawn One-pager for Beginners

Emacs Keyboard: Note the presence of Hyper, Super, Meta and Control keys; all of which are utilized by GNU Emacs.
We hope to eventiually see either a newly manufactured USB keyboard with all of these modifier keys, including the Hyper; Super; Meta; Help; and Control keys,
or a USB adaptor for the old Symbolics keyboard.  Thus, Emacs will be able to be used in all its power and glory.

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